About Us

Caring By Dedication is the heart beat of our business. It is at the core of what we do and how we make decisions. It drives our ambition, passion and vision ‘to be the leading supplier of CBD products in the UK & Ireland’.  But we want to be so much more than a supplier; we strive to be the market leader by placing YOU, our valued customers, at the heart of our business.

Caring By Dedication in our approach to sharing information:

We will create social media / digital platforms which will provide information on a range of health related topics.  We want to build a vibrant and engaged social media community of CDB users, giving customers the opportunity to make informed decisions based on real life experiences.

Caring By Dedication in our approach to research:

We have worked alongside fantastic hemp farmers in Colorado and in their laboratories where rigorous testing is done.  We have and continue to educate ourselves with the aid of universities and laboratories in the UK.  This enables us to bring to YOU CBD oil from the complete 100% organic hemp plant.  Our extraction processes maintain our wonderful Cannabinoids, whilst getting rid of THC and Chlorophyll to leave a magnificent full spectrum of synergistic compounds and cannabinoids.

Caring By Dedication in our supply chain:

We will only work with suppliers who provide us with extensive Lab analysis.  This means you can be confident that any product we offer has undergone rigorous testing and comes from an approved source.  Our approach is to work with our suppliers using a partnership model which ensures, like us, they share our ethical values and are fully committed to supplying the best CBD products available. In our own brand manufacturing processes we will only work with certified laboratories ensuring our product is of the highest possible quality.

Caring By Dedication in our product range:

Our Passion is to develop a portfolio of high quality products at competitive prices.  We will continually research and innovate to bring our customers CBD solutions that are tailored to meet individual needs.  Our product range of Oils, balms, soft gels, edibles and e-liquids all meet our stringent quality control measures before they are made available for sale.

Caring By Dedication in our ethical approach:

We are committed to work with producers who can certify the organic properties of their plants. We will help reduce our carbon footprint by removing as much unnecessary packing from our products. We are committed to give 10% of our profits, every year, to charities that are making a difference in people’s lives.